The Mystical Chest

Webster defines a Treasure Chest as “a large box that is filled with gold, silver,jewels, etc.I would like to relate our mystical life to the treasure chest.A treasure chest is something in which the contents are often not known until it is discovered and more often than not, the discoverer is rewarded quite handsomely.

earth-is-a-treasure-we-must-take-care_56ea90771400b-thumb The treasure map which identifies the location of the bounty points to a way that is filled with a lot of obstacles as many ballads and numerous movies have taught us.So, the map is equivalent to the path that one must take or travel in life to find his/her own treasure.The path, as in the treasure map will be full of hurdles overcoming which one can obtain the sweet taste of the treasure.

Treasure is an entity that cannot be restricted only to those of gems, jewels and precious, glistening metals.It varies from person to person according to the values and their deepest desires.A box of diamonds is no more than a box for a man who has amassed a huge wealth.


The treasure that one seeks to find in life can certainly be found if all the pitfalls that are thrown at us are overcome effectively.So, follow your heart’s desire, put on those pirate eye patches and set out to discover your treasure in the adventure that is life.




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