To miss or not to miss, that is the question

Missing can denote various things. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the actual meaning of the word.Something is missed. Yes, i defined missing using the word itself as the word is quite popular and not like the word pugnacious which i discovered just now to place in my blog post. In English, a sentence goes “only to find it missing”. It is a weird statement as things that are missing are found and in this case it is found that something is missing. Pretty weird language huh.


Missing What Exactly?

People are missed, Cats are missed, the nail clipper is get the gist right.They also miss the character of a TV series that was killed in the most horrific way possible.In all of these cases there is some entity that needs to be present and unfortunately or fortunately for some, it is absent.We’ll look at them in detail.

missingcatLoved Ones

This paragraph does not contain any sarcastic references or jokes so, if you “miss” that kind of stuff just start from the next paragraph.

It is an ironical thing,(felicitous yet sad)this type of missing.People miss their loved ones and reminisce their beautiful memories.They cherish all the good times and shed a tear or two.This type of missing is the most beautiful kind of missing there is.

The term loved ones doesn’t conform only to people.People miss their pets as well cats, dogs, etc.Their void brings about a grief to the concerned people who miss them badly.

Day To Day Stuff

This is the most common type of missing that takes place everywhere.People are absent-minded, at least most of them are.They place their stuff in various places only to find it, of course missing.This type of missing gives the feeling that we wish we never had:IRRITATION.Under the couch, over the table, beside the chair, deep beneath the oceans,amidst the dense jungles are some cases.

Missing(Thug Life..Literally)

And the infamous missing, the missing of the criminals who are wanted for their heinous crimes.There is the photograph of the criminal which is much better than any of those Facebook profile pics and there’s the reward which is mainly focused upon as people count the number of zeros in it.


A Special Mention

There’s a special mention to something i described above.This piece of item deserves this special attention because it rewrote the meaning of the word missing.The item is the humble Nail Clipper.I cannot remember as to how many times it has gone missing and this is the case with various people.But, the special thing about the nail clipper is that it magically reappears as soon as you buy a new one, even astonishing the minds of the greatest magicians.


I just wish all the things that went missing returned magically like the nail clippers..!But we wouldn’t have anything to miss then.We would miss missing things..!



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