Winter is coming!

This may, i had written a blog post about summer down here in Chennai, India and the effect it had in the city.It’s the end of November now and here goes one more piece about the sudden transition in the weather.


Chennai is famed for its summer and its citizens quite accustomed to the sweet pricks of the sun, which is why the sudden change in the weather, although happening every year, proves to be disruption to the normal lifestyle.This requires the usage of an idiom and so “There’s a nip in the air” as the English Nazis would put it.

The Morningzzzzzz

They say that the mornings are the time when productive work is to take place and rightly so we all are quite productive in our dreams.Now, during the summer one does not wake up early, unless he has an obligation to do so because Sleep transcends everything.It is the same case when it is a bit cold outside(i’m not using the word winter because there is no such thing as winter in the southern parts of India)but the sleep that one gets is heavenly and you can go to infinite levels of your dream making Inception seem like a child’s play.Waking up during these times is tougher than what seemed like a tough exam to you but actually was kid stuff for the others.I’m thinking Green Day, the band might’ve stayed here in Chennai because they have rightly penned a song “wake me up when September ends” and it is true because once you sleep after September, there’s no waking you up.

Right through the day

The rest of the day till the evening proceeds as usual and there is no real effect of the weather as people carry on with their normal lives doing nothing of course.It is also because most of them are inside their offices where the air conditioners are lowered to such a low temperature that adjusting to the climatic conditions in Siberia becomes easier for most of them.They do not notice a change when they go on about their normal routine of playing solitaire inside their icy cubicles.

The Evenings

The cold evenings during this time is a bit of a disturbance.There’s the cold wind literally on your face.People are smart, at least that’s what they think of themselves.They resort to various means to protect themselves from the breeze and the cold atmosphere.There’s the ear muffler which looks much better than any of those headphones Beats produces, the Scarves which’s price depends upon the style and trend(none of which would matter on an icy cold morning) and finally the invaluable hankies which could be used to cover your face, making you look like crooks and making crooks look, well normal.

The darkness sets in quickly during these times.When your clock shows five in the evening and if it is still not dark outside, it means you have to say goodbye to your clock and get a new one.One minute there’s cuckoos and crows in the air and the next minute there’s bats wandering around aimlessly like most of the people.

The nights

I just mentioned that the evenings look like nights and it is an indication of the perils that the night has in store for us.The weather is conducive for a pleasant sleeping experience.But! there’s always something isn’t there?

There are these dreaded creatures that lurk around during the night, sucking blood from the human beings.Unfortunately i am not talking about vampires.A silver spoon and garlic would have sufficed.These hell raisers called the mosquitoes wreak havoc wherever they go and it is literally impossible to vanquish them.Mankind has tried a lot of ways, the squatter, the coil, the gel but in vain.

the face when some mosquito troubles you continuously and you can’t get it

Anyway there is this situation in the night where one has to choose something over the other.The trouble of the mosquitoes can be averted if the fan is switched on but when it is switched on, it is really cold.Finally, we choose the lesser of the two evils and go for the fan.Bearing the cold breeze, we gently slip into our dreams waking up comfortably at nine in the morning only to drink water and go back to bed again.


This goes on for a few months and finally summer arrives only to find that the air conditioner is not in working condition because it was idle for a long time which is quite odd because human beings are idle for a long time yet we remain in working condition.

Then people have their own hassles with summer and complain about the heat and when the cold months arrive, yes they complain again.Cheers!


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