One particular midnight…

11:20 pm  present day:

I shined my shoes, pressed my pants, wore my sunglasses and smiled at the M4-A1 rifle which lay across me, decked up in a nice, fancy glass case.

The time had come for it to be used and there couldn’t have been a better victim.

3 days ago..  2:50 pm:

I was just passing by the bank, walking with no sense of fear, no sweat around my forehead, not one guy to aim for my head.

Now I am just a rich man, with my entire second half of my life to live, drinking, sleeping and whiling around. Ah how I miss those old days!

11:35 pm  present day:

The sound of my roaring BMW amidst the silence of the night disturbed the mongrels’ sleep. I was in the driver’s seat with my magic wand beside me. The wand which, in some minutes would explode his head. He deserves it, I thought.

Just then I remembered that Tommy back home would search for me if he wakes up. One silly dog, the most loyal thing that’s been around me. He’s better than most human’s beings.

3 days ago.. 3:35 pm:

“Wow these burgers are good”. I thought to myself as I wiped my mouth with the tissue. “Here you go tom, try that”.

I wriggled suddenly due to the vibrations caused by my phone. It was a familiar number. Was it a chance for me to relive my old days!!?

11:50 pm  present day:

I reached his house, ready to give him the deadliest greeting he’s ever received in his life.

Damn he deserved it. That wretched son of a gun!

I rung the bell and pretty soon I could hear the footsteps. I smirked. I thought “what shall I tell him?”

“death greets you?”

“say hello to hell?”

“Have packed your belongings.. coz you’re going away for a long time..mwahaha”

Gosh I’ve been watching a lot of movies. The wood creaked as the door opened…Boom!

3 days ago.. 4:45 pm:

I hung up the phone. One hour. One whole hour. John briefed me on what could possibly be my most exciting murder till date. It was because I was going to slaughter the man, for whom hell is a good place because the horrific deeds committed by him would give the gods at hell a run for their money.

I reached home, opened the door and checked if my old beauty M4-A1 was there in its usual place where it had been all these years. And boy has it got a chance to fire up again and how.

12:05 pm present day:

His plumbing was really good. All that blood had quickly flowed through. I usually make it a point to clean the house after a job because the house didn’t deserve the treatment due to the behaviour of its inmates.

How happy I was. I jumped into my car, fully satisfied of my mission and drove it out of the street. I already mentioned how he deserved it, didn’t I?

I was happily cruising, a sudden rush of joy made me accelerate and I wanted to push the car to its limits.

Suddenly, a blue truck, out of nowhere,  came at me and I was caught unawares…… CRASHHHHHHHH!!!


My laptop screen read as I closed it and went outside to play with tommy.

Gosh, Excellent Graphics, I thought, particularly the crash.



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