Substandard Sights Everywhere 😝

                       What isn’t substandard in today’s world?

Everything is substandard when it comes to people and their mindsets. They just don’t seem fulfilled by anything except when they watch cat videos on the internet. And we have a standard cat gif for you guys to look at.


The movie was substandard, the pizza topping was substandard, the car looks substandard, the job is substandard(ignoring the pay-check..duh), the blog is substandard. (Clears throat) “that”, not mine.

                                      What is with you guys??

The people who say  that things are substandard are the ones sitting and complaining about life, imagining themselves as rocket scientists finding flaws in the chemical combination of the propellant where the oxidation level is kept to a minimum so as not to achieve maximum positronic distillation in which case I am out of random science gibberish.  giphy1

                                           Get a grip dudes

Complaining isn’t bad. We all have our woes like why hamburgers aren’t healthy or why there are 76 million daily night chat shows and how each of those hosts have nothing else to speak other than bashing the honourable president of a certain country where I’m certain how people are certain that they didn’t vote for a certain uh that’s enough.


                                         So what I’m saying is

Accept life as it is and don’t let the environment sabotage your daily idle rituals. Motivate yourself and persevere in life to..oh this is too preachy. Just cut the crap and get on with your lives. Can’t believe how substandard, people are? Wait what!


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