The Circle Of Life

As the wheel spins, we shall look at how the world has evolved from the time of its inception. The three major spins that brought about the world as it is today are as follows.

First Spin:

The earth was formed from dust, billions of cosmic particles colliding to form what we call our home. It is an act that we human beings are still trying to unravel. Nobody knows what happened first.

Image result for earth creation

Did someone create the earth or was it a random act of physics. One thing’s for sure, as science evolves, the bridge between man and divinity will lessen. Is it for good or worse? Only Time will tell.

Second Spin:

Human beings, who would set out to become the dominant species on the whole planet were formed. They are selected by the principle of the survival of the fittest. Human beings ruled the Earth, hunting animals for their own survival reflecting their monstrosity to destroy other things for their own good.

Related image

Ages passed and human beings spread across the whole world and continued to discover and develop things that would prove to be useful for their kind. They successfully established themselves as the Alpha creatures on Earth. They were together and there was no conflict between them.

Third Spin:

The third spin involves the competition among human beings to dominate one another. It all started with the conflict of ruling the lands. Human beings fought over land that was created for all of them to live peacefully.

Kings fought with other kings, millions and millions of dead bodies in a span of hundred years. And then the world moved into the 20th century. This era was seen as a glimmer of hope for establishing peace between all the countries. But, no, the hatred filled human mind led to wars that saw countries, families and nature being torn apart.

Politics of greed and corruption deteriorates the government and the countries slowly die, with other countries smiling upon this pathetic sight.

It is essential that the fourth spin that the world sees should be for the good as it is our home that is ultimately being razed down right before our very eyes.



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