The Evolution of Creation

Human beings have been in existence in this planet for 100,000 years and the rate of evolution has been quite rapid. Evolution can be split into two parts. One, leading to the formation of the completely developed human race, capable of being able to survive on its own. Two- The astonishing changes brought about by mankind which greatly influenced or rather affected mother Earth.

Creators or Destroyers?:

Human beings have always been interested in creating things. Be it the stone tools or the wheel. We have always been inquisitive.

The inventions in the last hundred years have been  astonishing and dangerous as well. Nature can be beautiful and it can prove to be terrifying and man has inherited that particular quality from nature.

Human inventions have been brilliant, aiding people and at the same destroying millions of people. Computers have revolutionized the world and it was the atom bomb that revolutionized the world during the time of its creation.

So, human beings must use their knowledge to determine the effects of their creation and not create it if it seems dangerous.

Any creation, however brilliant when malicious is bad and we are affecting mother earth as well destroying her beauty, her resources. She has given shelter and we, in turn are vanquishing our host.

Human beings have begun to introspect their existence and how they have been created. There are many solutions offered, both cosmic and karmic. 

It is high time we paid a little respect to our host and not create things that could harm her and her guests.



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