Not about THE POLISH, but polish

Whenever I don’t find inspiration to write about the  word on daily prompt, I examine the different aspects of the word and voilà!, you’ve got a reasonably good (From my point of view) blog post for the day and you can just sit back and wonder when your life will change from its monotonous routine.

So, polish.

It’s a tricky word as it has various meanings. One wrong usage of the word will have the polish(Now, that was the right usage) attacking us. So, I’ve used brackets to explicitly sort things.

Polish -The Shine:

If it’s shiny, it’s awesome. The commercials of black shoes shining due to the wonderful effect of the shoe polish and how the shoes were full of filth before.

So full of filth that you wonder where the commercial guy actually had been. Phew, take care of your shoe mate.


Different leg, different hand…freaky


For some reason, it’s always black shoes, that’s how Polish companies(Not the companies from Poland) exploit the customers.

I am not going to ramble about nail polish because enough has been said about their disturbance to the society..!


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