Notorious dudes and their notorieties

When a person is famous for his/her bad deeds or quality, they are deemed notorious. The bad deeds done by the person must be something truly evil. You can’t call yourself notorious after having stolen cookies from your kitchen which resulted in you getting caught by your mom. No. We’ll have a comic look at some of the notorious dudes and what they did besides stealing cookies and the list is not ranked in any particular order.

#1 Pablo Escobar :

If the name sounds familiar, it means you have watched the series Narcos. It is believed that even the FBI officials forgot pablo escobar and were reminded of him by the series. It is a good one. Pablo Escobar was a drug lord which meant that he was the lord of the drugs, kind of like the lord of rings. He was called the king of cocaine. The guy was insanely rich that rats ate some of his money. How I wish I was one of them (the drug guys, not the rats).

bad ketchup day

Fact: The guy playing Pablo escobar in the series looks more like pablo escobar than escobar himself.

#2 Hitler :

Note: There are no comical hints in this section as I am afraid that the adidas shoes that I am wearing which are of the fuhrer’s origin would take revenge on me.

How can we talk about the word notorious without a mention of the fuhrer. We’ve all heard about Hitler and how he initiated the world war and how he was one of the evilest men in all of the world. Greed and power got the best of him.

downloadBut, there are also theories going around till this date that he was compassionate and didn’t want the Jews to be killed. It is said that he wanted to be an artist. Sad that he wound up as a person whom people paint as evil.( Artist–paint, yes, thank you)

Whatever said, he is one of the most interesting characters in history. Heil Hitler!

#3 Osama bin laden:

The man, the myth. Beard lover, tall guy. So tall that he would’ve given the stars at NBA a run for their money(literally, because they run while playing basketball). The man who loved destroying many buildings. It is said that he could not turn out to be a successful architect. So, he wound up razing buildings.

He is the classic case of the super villain in various bad superhero movies. The kid with a genius intellect chooses to lift guns instead of his scientific calculator. Now, I am not going to put up his picture because well it would be like describing a banana and showing the picture. Well known.

Good thing they killed him…or have they?!…(evil laugh)

#4 Nero:

Now this guy is not as famous as the tallest guy in this list but he deserves a mention just because there’s an idiom in English after his notorious deeds. He burned his own city, murdered his own family members and his citizens. He did the most notorious thing–blaming. He started the fire and blamed it on someone else. Clever guy huh.

closed his eyes while he was being sculpted

And now the idiom,

“Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned”

Fiddle is a musical instrument. The guy basically played violin when Rome burned. Damn. He would have listened to the tunes of death. That is one notorious dude. He burned whatever he could find and sadly committed suicide.

The cause of his suicide is not known but hey, yea you guessed it, Probably set himself ablaze.


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