Collaboration 101

After a brief hiatus, I am collaborating with my keyboard again, jamming the keys, typing whatever things that come up my mind, just to submit a daily prompt.

Let’s face it, collaboration is a little difficult, especially for human beings. The animals, well, you know I am going to mention the herd of sheep and that’s about enough to prove that they are way more united than United Airlines where everybody knows what happened when the poor guy just wanted a seat. Bad.

Why is it a big deal?

Nothing in this universe exists without collaboration. The engines in the car (you’re welcome for the irritating GIF), the wheels in the car and basically everything related to a car as I could not think of other examples. One thing helps another and this way no piston has an inferiority complex.


Collaboration in human beings

We badly need collaboration and not the ones like Mr.Trump collaborating with Mr.Kim to sign a nuclear deal. Hell No.

Collaboration in the day to day activities would make our day a lot easier. Imagine if people helped each other in this brutal world. That would be the best thing to happen to our world since chuck Norris was born.

 So, it is better to be collaborative but not like the herd of sheep because then we would have a shepherd and it would be called a Dictatorship with someone like Mr.Kim ruling us. Now we don’t want that do we? 




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