Why there’s no good or bad fortune..

Which fortune are we talking about here exactly?

The fortune that I am going to talk about in this post is not the fortune that denotes riches like a bag full of iphones. This fortune is “chance or luck as an arbitrary force affecting human affairs” and obviously, I ripped off the meaning from Google.

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So, what is good fortune? The way people see it, good fortune is something that gives them happiness. So, to hell with misfortune. Just weep over it and pray, hoping for good fortune again and weep when misfortune strikes again. This is an endless cycle that occurs in the lives of people.

The cookie:

How can one talk about fortune without mentioning the infamous cookie. I feel bad for the cookies. They are not paid any attention to. The piece of paper dominates like a dictator. It’s as if people would consume rocks while reading their fortune in that little piece of paper they somehow believe would actually turn out to be true.


The good side of itSure, we are happy when there’s something good and no harm arises out of it.

But when there’s bad stuff, we are let down. NOW THIS IS BAD, VERY BAD 😦

Cookie or no cookie:

Fortune is something that happens due to the chain of events caused by us. So, if we do something good or toiled good, we surely can expect some good fortune. On the other hand, it is downright wrong to sit on the sofa all day and expect a million dollars to just fall on your head. Nailed it right? Maybe not.

So, don’t worry about your fortunes and go on about your normal life posting on wordpress and you shall see that fortunes are just situations through which you must traverse.

This will be the end of my post as I have to go out and get some horseshoes, clover leaves and jade for my good fortune.


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