From Google translate to philosophy!

Many years ago, when i first started using the internet, everything seemed liked a wonder to me. The virtual world was full of surprises. I started to discover many things and one day, i stumbled upon google translate and now it has come so far as to being a widget in my blog (scroll down on the right side)


It was quite a useful feature and i must admit it was quite fun too. I hail from India and back here, we have numerous languages and numerous dialects within those languages. So, you can imagine how useful it must be. I wrote a blog describing it as if i had stumbled upon some hidden treasure on the internet. And i found out much later that it doesn’t work as well as it should have been. The following is my matured take on languages.

A philosophical perspective:

It is amusing that something philosophical can be take out of Google Translate. The world is this beautiful place where people of different races, cultures and languages were brought together by a random act of physics.


It is astonishing as to how these languages came into existence and how each language has its own rich culture and heritage. Language turned out to be a revolutionary factor as press gave way for people to write freely without getting bound by chains of restriction.

Languages created wars, ended wars. It was the important factor with which ancient pieces of text could still be remembered today. Even Gods needed language to communicate within themselves. Languages could express emotions, solidarity and various other expressions.

What’s important is that we must stay united in spite of all these diversities because the purpose of the creation of the universe is a mystery and every man and woman should try to find his/her purpose in life and in the never ending process of doing so, we find peace.

Now that quickly escalated from Google Translate.. right?



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