Seriously-Just read it

One fine evening:

It’s 7 in the evening in India and i switch on my laptop to award myself some pleasure of checking out some fun stuff on the internet, to while away my time as usual. I came across a meme on Facebook and to my horrors, i couldn’t understand it. Since memes are an integral part of our daily lives, i sought help from someone who always delivers the best results and doesn’t ever complain-“ma buddy Google”.

The meme:


And obviously i couldn’t understand the meme. A quick search indicated that the odd looking bird was a sticker that had gone viral on Facebook, called trash doves.

A GIF of the bird depicts it, banging its head repeatedly..oh right, not repeatedly, it’s a GIF. Please contain your excitement. The GIF is in the bottom of this post. Well, i know you’ve scrolled your way to the bottom of this post and you are back here again, let’s continue.

Seriously? In all seriousness, weird things go viral on the internet as it is the establishment for people to laugh at things which are ridiculous.

Effect on the internet:

google trends

And so, the internet is full of memes involving this weird looking bird( yes i’ve mentioned weird quite a few times)

Seriously, the end..

oh right, here you go




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