Tremble-horror, horrible and hazardous

Power of the adjective:

English is a funny language. Funny as it is, it also has its highlights. Words in various languages have different meanings and the usage of some words with respect to a certain context is always followed. For example, we say a sweet smelling rose, cute kittens, adorable puppies, horrible bosses. The adjectives that are used to describe the word that follows are apt, evoking the right amount of detail and perfectly describing the property of the word following it.

When we say the beautiful villagethe mood is set automatically to imagine a beautiful village during spring where birds fly about chirping melodiously and there is the smell of freshly cut grass. Imagined it, right?

food for thought

Now, the word at hand—Tremble:

Tremble is not a pleasant word. Although you tremble with excitement sometimes, the image that comes to our mind when we hear the word tremble is the fright, something ghoulish. Not our fault, as dumb horror movies have created such a long lasting impression on our minds. Our clever yet deceptive brain is trained as such, years of training, if I might add.

our deceptively clever brain

Oh the Horror!!:


The lone wolf howling during the full moon, a pitch black room with a rocking chair in the corner that suddenly starts to rock and it rocks much better than people who call themselves rock stars today, sad. Reddish stains along the walls of the road that you are traversing through in the middle of the night and not quite surprisingly, you are the only one in the road with the exception of a black dog at the end of the lane whose eyes shine like that of the moonlight in all its glory.A haunted house which reeks of some smell, which you find to be pleasing and you realize how it is an indication of the perils that lie there waiting to introduce you to their grisly friend whose name rhymes with breath and you wonder why you made the stupid decision to explore the house and realize soon that it was because of those movies that you watched killing time and now something other than time will be killed!!

Now that’s when you tremble..

Rap it man!

Give your own tune to my masterpiece and rap along.

The word is tremble

the fear you cannot dissemble

and it’s not so simple

coz your thoughts reassemble

and you wish you were in a temple

bring it on man!


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