Infinite Gibberish

Some things are infinite, some things are not. In this post i shall try to classify things that are infinite and things that aren’t.

your mind on reading this post 

The human mind is the best example for infinity.It produces quite a different number of thoughts and it does it every second. Honestly, the outer space is no match for the human brain.

Things that are infinite:

1. Love and affection

2. The space

3. Thoughts arising in the human brain

4. Walmart chains

5. The time spent during a  boring lecture

6. My rambling

Things that aren’t:

1.Your life (sucks ain’t it?)

2.The number of pizzas in the world(sad ain’t it?)

3.This post

4.There’s no 4th thing coz i kinda got lost at the second thing which is why my third thing is utter nonsense.

I am starting to ramble here and it would be best if i take my fingers of my keyboard before i type random qfawqef e qefWnoEGGweggg vweV ew……


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