The Specific Ocean

Specific refers to the details and by details, i don’t mean the ordinary details.The details that some might miss but are important nevertheless.

The word specific instantly reminds of someone who is into the details to such fierce extent.Yes, you guessed it, Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes: Do you notice anything Watson?

Watson: Umm..No (As usual)

Sherlock: Obviously, you see but you do not observe.The specific details are important my dear Watson!

It is the attention to detail that impresses most people and is one of the key factors in driving various business pursuits to their excellence.Bugatti pays attention to the specifics and makes sure the customer is satisfied.

A chef at a restaurant sees to it that the customer is served properly and with the utmost perfection regarding his meal.

The customer’s order:

“Two salmon, properly roasted and an omelette that is just burnt to the proper point where the smoky flavor is infused yet not smoked beyond consumption”

The above case clearly demonstrates the need to be specific.

People are specific in their choices.Some like their steak medium rare, some like it rare and some, well they don’t like steak.

The fashion choices that we make pertain to the specific type of things we like to wear.The long sleeve with the black bottom, the funky hat with the not so funky sneakers, all looking ridiculously funny in the end.

Specificity, thus prevails as a major factor.It is the level to which you are being specific that differs. If you are as specific as Sherlock, waste no time in finding a dumb sidekick (Not that Watson is dumb) and go on about solving the mystery as to how the nail clipper disappears every time.Cheers!


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