The most boring article about “bored” you’ll ever read


The following post contains material that might drive you to the edge of boredom. The images and gifs in this post are inserted to make it look less boring and is one of the many tricks used to make you read the post, like this warning about the post. It is said that you are reading this post at your own risk and the author, is in no way, responsible for you being bored after or during reading it. 


The Boring Introduction:

A quick google search for the meaning of the word bored describes it as “feeling weary and impatient because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity” and that’s as boring as a definition can get. Let’s face it, being bored is probably the worst feeling ever and one would do anything to get over it, except you can’t. One good thing about the boring phenomenon of getting bored is that it persists only for a short period of time which is relative. Some people find something interesting to do quickly before the clutches of boredom haunts them. The others, well they sit in a corner, like you might’ve guessed, bored. Sit back and get ready to be bored as we look at different types of boredom.(bored already?)

The Sudden Revelation:

This is my favourite one. You go on with your normal activities that you do everyday which would definitely be boring for the others, unaware of the slow onslaught of boredom setting in. Suddenly, the impulse of boredom kicks you in the face very much similar to Bruce Lee.

plunging into boredom

That’s it then. All hell breaks loose and the idiom is actually quite interesting compared to the situation. Now, you are left staring at the chair, wondering what went wrong.

The Boring Conversation:

This is a tricky one and it takes some skill to get through this. Ever been in a conversation where you felt that even the turtle you saw last week at the aquarium would have spoken about interesting things compared to the stuff you are hearing from the person, who for some reason won’t stop any minute before your head explodes into a million pieces. If yes, welcome to the real world. In the real world, most of the conversations are boring unless it involves something you like, the probability of which happening is as high as pigs driving lamborghinis.


The Classic Boring Lecture:

Now this is a giveaway. It has been proved by scientists at The European Organization for Nuclear Research that nothing induces boredom like a lecture that you do not have any interest in. New heights of boredom are reached everyday smashing the records set by other lectures.


The Measures Taken:

People try various things with the hope that at least some thing will relieve them of their boredom. Internet is a big boon and i wonder how people fought boredom before the advent of the internet. Various other activities are done, which are boring themselves.

Bored people on the internet

The End Of A Boring Post:

If you made it to this line of this post, you would know that it is about to end considering the title and the very few lines that you can see below (Relieved huh!). I was very bored, so i wrote this post, relieving myself of the boredom and trapping all of you reading, in it.Cheers!





  1. If u are so bored why don’t u do something else other than writing boring post about how bored you were before writing this boring post. Probably the only thing that doesn’t bore you is writing boring post, that’s y ppl try avoiding you and hence you are always bored. Anyways congrats for making my day even more boring. Kudos ✌.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi there ! Sorry, took it long time enough to visit your site and read your post.
    This post, btw, is really relatable to me these days. I’ve just started to work and to do it everyday as a daily routine is pretty boring. Thankfully, my job requires me to talk to new person everyday which has a story that I never know before, so it’s quite a remedy to my boredom.
    Anyway, great post mate ! Cheers !

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