A Dissertation of Pure Imagination

The inspiration for my latest piece of writing came from Stephanie Tarling’s adaptation of Pure Imagination which was used beautifully in the advertisement for Microsoft’s new computer.There’s magic in each of these lines which ought to be comprehended.The song was originally used to describe a chocolate factory and its wonders but there are many things that can be derived from the same with some imagination.The real beauty of the song is that the lyrics are easy to understand and is quite relatable. Let’s delve into my dissertation of some parts of the same.

The world that we live in is no less than the imaginative world that we think of during the dreams.The  fiery volcanoes, the stunning snow, all the beautiful creatures, the gleaming deserts of Sahara, the wondrous mountains of Himalayas, the amazing forests.The world is equivalent to a world of pure imagination.

If you want to view paradise

Simply look around and view it

Now this the absolute gem.People must accept the fact that there is no paradise on earth other than it being the only one.The story about the origin of earth proves that earth is no less a paradise and its beings being one too.The environment around is the paradise that is gifted to us.People search for paradise everywhere but forget that it is a paradise everywhere as we look at it.

Anything you want to, do it

Wanta change the world?

These lines encourage you to pursue your mission in life.Go for the thing that gives you the burning desire.Go for the thing which will make your life complete.Persevere to attain your deepest desires. Do not hesitate, even if it is the task of changing the world!

You’ll be free

If you truly

Wish to be

In the modern era, everyone is busy with some other thing.The thing that most people complain about is that they aren’t free.Now, being free can mean a lot of different things, for example being devoid of problems, or unwinding after a hard day of work.These lines sure do sound philosophical but upon proper analysis, the meaning is simple.Everything is in the mind.

And that is a wrap for the the song of life!


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