Expectations for the study(seriously?)HOLIDAYS!!

It’s that time of the year again where you have more than 15 days during which you are supposed to study for the semester exams.Yes, the study holidays are here.The thing about study holidays is that it does not even feel once like study holidays until the point where the exam is two days from now.

The first day of the study holidays is reserved for doing nothing.Granted, the rest of the days are also whiled away but on the first day you do not do a single thing, not even get out of the house.You sit there in the couch contemplating on how you are going the spend the rest of the days which of course would not work out, but you do it anyway.

Now the second day goes on like this, you check the date of the start of the examination only to find out that you’ve got more than 15 days.This brainwashes your brain to not take out the books from the bookshelf.You while away time as usual watching TV, playing, the usual stuff.

A few days pass by and you do not even remember that you have exams coming up in the next week or so.Now, the interesting thing about study holidays is that these days fare better than the days allotted for vacation.During the vacation, it’s always boring and the fact that the expectations for the vacation are always high.It is not that we are going on a trip to Venus while on the vacations but somehow the word excites us only to find out out that there’s nothing more you would do on a vacation than waiting for normal classes to resume.It is the opposite.The words “study holidays” aren’t exactly exciting and the word vacation somewhat makes our brain think “enjoyment to the core” .

Coming back to Study holidays, there are 5-6 days left.It is at this point of time you do the most important work of finding out where the books are.Now this is not an easy task.it is easy to find out out whether Mars is a planet suitable for life, but the job of finding the books required takes a real skill.Once you complete the almost impossible task of finding the books, the next process is to draw out a plan which lists the subjects which must be studied every day.The specialty of this plan is that it will never work out.Seriously,the person who can stick to the plan or the itinerary deserves a Nobel prize.

Days pass by and you study a portion so little that it can be compared with the dinner of a tiny ant during the time when food is scarce and the sense of satisfaction that one gets after studying the described mammoth portion is heavenly.

We’re down to the last two days and it is at this point the level of commitment and dedication is at its peak, making those scaling the peaks of the highest mountains to look like kids.Despite this, a majority of the subject is covered the night before the exam,a sad outcome in spite of breathing fire the last two days.

On the E-Day, you finish your exam and wonder how you could’ve done done better if the study holidays were utilized properly instead of watching cats playing on the YouTube.This thought persists only for a few hours and a few more when the results are out.

And when the next holiday season arrives, that is the study holiday season you know what happens!!


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