Random Rambling or is it !!?

It’s a Monday afternoon and I’m staring at the laptop screen, writing the latest post for my blog which I think about once in a red moon(yeah red not blue because there was literally a red moon one day unlike the blue moon which is used in a metaphorical sense).The name of the post is already enough to understand what might be contained within this highly eloquent piece.(yes there will be hints of sarcasm and memes). It is a fact that people wonder a lot about the tiniest of things with me not being an exception of course.

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Summer gets me like

It is summer down here in Chennai in India and true to its legacy of being a city where heat waves greeting people frequently are not a rare sight, people are so accustomed to the weather that hats and umbrellas have lost their respect.I pity them of course(the hats and the umbrellas, not the people).Having said all this,t his time (that’s right there are two this’s continuously thank you)the intensity of the heat seems to be so unbearable that the crows have no time to drop the pebbles in the jug to drink the water.


Even the dogs in the street find it quite unbearable and I feel bad for them because there are certain dogs which are pampered in their homes with the air conditioners and the mongrels have no other option but to bear the brunt of the heat.Now I am beginning to believe what  DiCaprio said at the Oscars about climate change being real after having experienced some real heat myself.

Coming back to the situation here,t he temperature recorded is the same as is every year but this time one could feel the mercurial prick.You can almost feel that something else is going on(yea the devil’s hand at work..no kidding).Now there has been a lot of talk about the infamous global warming and Hollywood exploiting it to make mega-budget movies which were of course not so mega in terms of their storyline. Instead of giving the Wikipedia definition of global warming which I, of course, don’t know I would like to address the issue at a much lower level as I was not involved in any Copenhagen summit(Not that I complain that they haven’t invited me though).


In places like Chennai it is not uncommon for the water in your tap to be so hot that you wonder when they installed the heater but this time the furniture in the house turns hot too making it quite uncomfortable to sit and write a single post for a blog which is underrated(NO I am not talking about my blog in case you were wondering).The situation is such where nature takes the revenge against human beings for just studying “WAYS TO IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT” in their environmental studies book but not implementing it.This issue seems to be something critical than terrorism because the opposition is nature and it can be as brutal as it is beautiful(definitely something terrorists can’t be).

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Nature is enraged by the atrocious activities of human beings and it fights back. I believe this is something which has to be taken up seriously and given much importance over everything else because let’s face it, people can’t be stuck inside their homes updating their Facebook status when an acid rain containing toxic chemicals wreaks havoc(Not that I expect it to happen).

They say that the snow clad mountains are losing their sheen and are melting. People don’t even care and they don’t mind when some mountain far far away melts.The interesting thing is that most of them don’t even realise that this is an indication that there is a rise in temperature.They would really notice the drop in WiFi signal and get irritated. Now I am not saying that I keep track of the height of Mount Everest every day it’s just that there is some action to be taken on a bigger level that no single individual can achieve.

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People say “it’s a jungle out there ” to denote creepy, bad places to live.I reckon aliens will be using the term “it’s an earth out there”.Climate change is real must be made the top priority and I am certainly not ripping off from any of DiCaprio’s speech.If the air conditioners emit chlorofluorocarbons, are there none of them at the UN which is inclined towards the agenda for climate change? I started with it is a Monday afternoon, now it’s evening and it still looks like afternoon outside.This post is not certainly one to pass the time or to make the blog active but something which has been on my mind.

Cheers to stopping global warming!

The only thing is that I wish the UN headquarters to be shifted to INDIA because I am certain that immediate agenda would be implemented regarding climate change when the guys feel the same prick that I am feeling due to the heat, Cheers!



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